Adept Medical Billing

...provides a full service medical claims management solution.
We are dedicated to providing prompt and accurate claims submission to physicians throughout Ontario.  Our knowledge and experience, along with our dedication to each and every client, is what makes Adept Medical Billing the ideal choice for your billing needs.

Our Clients

We have been fortunate to work with physicians who are more than happy to share with you how we have helped them…

“Adept Medical Billing has been an invaluable help with my billing.
Their service has gained me free time and additional money from difficult claims.
Attention to detail is second to none!  I highly recommend Adept Medical Billing Service”.

Dr. Linda  Kim, Anaesthesiologist

“I was always hesitant to trust someone else with my billing but having worked with the Adept Medical Billing team I have glowing confidence in their competence and completeness.  They are extremely diligent in tracking down rejected claims and are a pleasure to deal with”.

Dr. Harvey Huang, Anaesthesiologist

“I used to spend hours racing through my billing before the deadline of each billing period.
Now all I have to do is fax the information to Adept Medical Billing office and my billing is taken care of.  Thank you Adept for simply making my life easier”.

Dr. Magdi Gaid, Anaesthesiologist