Billing Services
Adept Medical Billing provides full service medical claims management to Health Care Professionals of Ontario.

We offer a comprehensive billing and accounts receivable management service, with customized reports on a monthly basis.
"I was always hesitant to trust someone else with my Billings, but having worked with Isobel Findlay, I have glowing confidence in her competence and completeness.  She is extremely diligent in tracking down rejected claims, and her witty, pleasant personality makes dealing with her a pleasure....!"
Dr. Harvey Huang
Billing Services
The following is an itemized list of billing services:
- Data entry of OHIP, WSIB and RMB claims.
- Interim Federal Health claims.
- Private and insurance company claims
- Receive all batch reports and error reports from the Ministry of Health.
- Collection of missing or incorrect information.
- Follow up on all rejected claims.
- Reconciliation of claims submitted on receipt of remittance advice from the Ministry of Health.
- Customized monthly reports.
- Liaison provided with the Ministry of Health regarding billing issues.
- Quarterly review of all outstanding accounts.
Billing information can be sent to our office by email, fax, courier or regular mail. All data received from physicians is reviewed for accuracy and should the need arise for additional information for a claim to be processed we will contact you.

We encourage physicians to send claims to our office on a weekly basis. This lets us keep on top of any claims that may be rejected, follow up on incorrect information and resubmit within the same billing cycle.

The fees for billing services is dependent on the volume of claims that the physician generates. Fees are based on a percentage of claims paid. Our rates are very reasonable and are customized to each physician's needs.

Our Terms
We require a signed billing services agreement prior to commencement of work. Incidental expenses such as courier costs and long distance calls will be detailed and billed separately. Payment is due on receipt of invoice. We accept payments by cheque or online through PayPal.
"Indisputably indispensible! The best value for this service by a longshot."
C.S. Donaghue, M.D.
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