About Adept Medical Billing Service

Adept Medical Billing Service is owned and operated by Isobel Findlay. Isobel comes with a background in the medical and business administration fields. She has over 20 years experience working in a hospital environment, private practice and administration. Her experience has given her valuable insight into the workings of both industries and reinforced the importance of timeliness, attention to detail and organization.

Julie Findlay is part of the team at Adept Medical Billing Service. Julie comes with a solid background in Medical Billing and works closely with Isobel to ensure that all physician claims are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Our billing service is dedicated to providing prompt and accurate claims submission. We will obtain financial reimbursement for physicians, at all times with integrity, compliance and ethical values.

"I am very pleased with Adept Medical Billing Service. It has provided me with efficient, accurate and reliable services and I highly recommend it to other physicians."
Dr. Grant, Toronto, Ontario


Adept Medical Billing Services can be a valuable resource to clients ensuring that all their billing needs are dealt with promptly and efficiently.
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