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About Adept Medical Billing Service
Adept Medical Billing Service is a family owned and operated business providing full service
claims’ management for all physician specialties throughout Ontario.

Our Team comes with a strong background in OHIP billing and over 20 years’ experience in Medical and Business Administration.  Our dedication, knowledge and expertise ensures prompt and accurate submission of all claims.  We are committed to providing the best services for your billing needs.

Our goal is to ensure you are reaching the maximum income for your services.  We are your liaison with the Ministry of Health and will work on your behalf to resolve any issues that may arise.
“An excellent, reliable and timely medical billing service”

Daniel C. Chipeta MBBS, FRCPC, FCP(SA)
General Inernal Medicine Specialist

“The Adept Medical Billing Service team are an excellent group of people who are diligent, reliable, efficient, and get the job completed in a timely manner.  They provide full service OHIP billing so that I don’t have to do any work!  Everyone is willing to accommodate and go out of their way to help.  Definitely a great experience…with no glitches!”

Bimi Sidhu, M.D.
Internal Medicine, Toronto

“Indisputably Indispensible!  The best value for billing services by a long shot”

C.S. Donaghue, M.D.

I am very pleased with Adept Medical billing Service.  They have provided me with efficient, accurate and reliable services.  I highly recommend them to other physicians.

Dr. Andrew Grant, Toronto